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Spirulina Highly concentrated
and perfectly balanced amino acids (protein), fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B-complex and E. It is also a rich source of the antioxidant beta-carotene and the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA).
My Vision To help people cure
the planet-and themselves-from the epidemic diseases, that can no longer be blamed on genetics alone. The solution is to eat raw plant base food. I believe the foods we choose to consume play a vital role in healing the body, mind, and soul.
I want to thank my sister Dina, for giving me
this amazing and rewarding opportunity to heal the world one person at a time. I would have never discovered Hippocrates Health Institute if it weren't for my sister's misfortune. In 1997,
Coconut is a tropical fruit that is rich in protein.
The meat of the coconut is very good in destroying intestinal parasites, that we get from eating infected food. Coconut water is good for kidney and urinary bladder problems. Contain vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and protein.


I’m so excited to welcome you to the first 100% Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Low Glycemic, Nightshade Free and Correct Food Combination Academy, Restaurant, and Store in the world.

This is an International academy where you will meet interesting people from all over the world who share one common interest “Raw Food”. The academy is located in a beautiful village called Cave Creek. We are surrounded by mountains, red earth, cactus and many hiking trails of all levels. We are only an hour and fifteen minutes drive to breathtaking Sedona and just 30 minutes from the Phoenix airport.

I, Chef Sara, a Raw Food Master, Coach, Author & Founder of the 3 Weeks Back to Health Program, will coach you through the Three Weeks Back to health with step by step instruction on everything you need to know about this healthy lifestyle, including the safest and most effective ways to detox, cancer prevention and reversal, what each produce is good for as well as how to prepare them most deliciously. For this last step, tons of hands on food preparation classes will be given so that, upon completion of the course, you will feel completely confident and well equipped with knowledge to continue this lifestyle on your own.

At the Academy we also offer extra one month of intensive training program for those who want to pursue a carrier as a certified raw vegan chefs, coach, author or even open your own business. You will learn to become a healer through food. Nothing can be more rewarding then the gift of life that you can pass on to others.

Please call or email me for more information.

480.575.7853  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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