About Chef Sara's Story

Chef Sara's Story

Chef Sara, Raw Food Master, Coach, Author & founder of the 3 Weeks Back to Health Program.

ChefSaraPhoto-smI received my education about the healing power of raw, plant-based foods at the #1 alternative medicine facility in the world.
I discovered Hippocrates Health Institute in 1997. I was so impressed with the program that I enrolled immediately and began my journey of discovering the disease-preventing and healing power of raw, plant-based foods. Upon graduation, I was given the opportunity by Dr. Brian Clement, the Director of HHI, to stay and work at the Institute to put into practice everything I had learned about this amazing program.
This experience has especially taught me the powers of living foods that nourish, cleanse, and alkalinize the body; the importance of food combination; and the powers of wheatgrass. During my stay at HHI, I saw with my own eyes the transformation in people’s health, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
The medical field chooses to call it a miracle when a patient is completely recovered from deadly disease. I, on the other hand, call it the power of raw, plant-based foods. I believe the food we choose to consume plays a vital role in healing the body, mind, and soul.
I, myself, have experienced the deadly disease called cancer. After my yearly checkup, the gynecologist told me that I had cervical cancer, and the growth was the size of a golf ball.
I looked at her and smiled.
Confused as to why I was smiling, she said, “Nobody smiles when I deliver this devastating news. Why are you smiling?”
I looked in her eyes and with the smile still on my face, I said, “Thank you for telling me. Now I can go home and do the right thing. I can assure you that within a month, it won’t be there.” When I told her what I was going to do to get rid of the cancer, she thought I was crazy. She didn’t believe it was possible, because all she knew was the traditional way of treating cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In my eyes, traditional medicine only puts a Band-Aid on the symptoms and add more toxins to your body. It does not cure the cause, and therefore, most of the time, the disease returns even worse then before.
Without wasting time, I immediately started detoxifying with wheatgrass juices and green juices. Within a month of cleansing, I knew I had gotten rid of the cancer. I made an appointment to see my gynecologist, and when she examined me, she couldn’t see the growth anymore.
I looked at her and said, “You see? I told you so.”
Of course, she hated to be wrong, so she said, “Just because I don’t see it, that doesn’t mean you got rid of it. The only way to know for sure is by doing a blood test.”
I gave her my arm so she could draw blood, confident that the test would come back negative. And guess what? It did. She called it a miracle.
I highly recommend that you let food be your medicine and let the medicine be your food. All I can say is that God (the energy of the universe) created this plant-based food for us for a reason. God designed a perfect planet for us to live healthfully and in harmony, and we humans are destroying his magnificent creation.

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