Gift of Life


I would have never discovered Hippocrates Health Institute if it weren't for my sister's misfortune. In 1997, Dina was diagnosed with liver cancer. The doctors told her she had two months to live so I desperately started looking for a natural cure. I came across the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they cure people with all sorts of health challenges through natural healing. Unfortunately, I graduated from the Hippocrates Health Institute the day Dina died. I'll never forget my sister asking me how she could ever pay me back for looking after her in the hospital. I hope she knows that she paid me back tenfold by giving me the gift of life that I can now pass on. I give my gratitude to my sister Dina every morning in my prayers. She is my angel. Rest in peace my beloved sister. I miss you Dina, so much.

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